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New Odyssey '3-ball' putter

statt  € 259  um nur    €  129,-

Odyssey Golf has extended its White Steel putter range to include a three-ball image behind the face, instead of just two.

Its new White Steel Tri-Ball SRT putter combines the exclusive Saturn Ring technology with a new weight-shifting science for performance that, Odyssey claims, is 'years ahead of the competition'

The SRT technology is a high-density alloy ring that sets the centre of gravity deep and well back from the face to eliminate twisting at impact and encourage a truer roll.

The 3-ball-putter is face-balanced, 35“ and avalable for  € 259,-.

Aktions-Preis :
statt  € 259  um nur      €  129,-

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New Odyssey '3-ball' putter

White Steel 3-ball SRT putter